Clyde's Journal

"A good traveller has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving"   --  Lao Tsu.

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September 2003 Liquid Altitude - published in the Crestone Eagle
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September 2003

1 December 1998

New Perspective

the boys walk home

March 7, 1999

22 January 1998

Non-Linear Undercurrent

new light from the tides of Brittany

May 1, 1998

30 November 1997

Second Meeting

the old man and the young man

part 2

18 January 1998

11 November 1997

it could be Wind

the old man and the young man

part 1

May 2, 1998

7 November 1997


Sunrise across the San Luis Valley

29 November 1997

6 November 1997

Crestone: Quick Look

May 2, 1998

Summer 1997

New Storm

March 1997


Pampered into insanity

30 November 1997

March 1997

Firenze Impressions

thoughts on Florence, Italy

February 1997

Rhythm of Trocadéro

The scene across from the Eiffel Tower


February 1997

Afternoon Bomb Threat

Crossing the police line to go home for lunch

February 1997

Comet View

Watching the comet from Brieve, France


February 1997


The marketplace at ...

8 January 1996

Caribbean Blizzard

A report from paradise

July 1995

Night Run

Jogging with Rob


February 1995

Finding Scotland

Travel to Northern Scotland in search of Rullations

Summer 1994

Grand Canyon

An ocean voyage on the Grand Canyon at night


Waking Alone at Sea

on board 31' sailboat

August 1989

Dangerous Atolls

article about the navigational complications

of sailing to a Tuamotian Atoll (South Pacific)

Ocean Navigator Magazine

July 1989

Marquesas Morning

Waking up in Fatu Hiva, South Pacific

May 1989

 Lightning of Panama 

Published Article about lightning and an encounter with it

Ocean Navigator 1/92


Boston Marathon

A paper written at Harvard University

on metaphysical / physical exertion

22 April 1984

Old Storm

Winter 1979; Age 15

Ideal State

The beauty of quiet

through the eyes of 15 year old Clyde


Summer 1977;  Age 13

Trees in the Back Yard

The rage and paranoia of early adolescence




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