Non-Linear Undercurrent


The starting point is now. Reality is based on this moment. To feel trapped, anguished, fearful, hateful is a malaise of this moment. I wrote in my journal as a teenager: "the key to the future is looking back at the present." It was the best thought I ever had. It is true perspective. It brings the past, present, and future together into one moment of non-linear time, and all time becomes the present.  All life happens now.

Imagine moral responsibility, love, and the dissolution of hatred that can occur in the context of non-linear time. Imagine how we should or could live with the beauty of the moment, appreciate the now, fulfill the now.

Now is the only moment that matters, the past has helped us arrive at this moment, the presence of the future will guide this moment. Sometimes, by mistake, I have allowed time to move, to permit the moment tho change, and the future changed, and the past became less meaningful. Sometimes, by good fortune, time moved, and the moment changed, the future changed, the past became less meaningful. Speed of time progression, speed of advance of the moment and intensity of fear go together, mathematically. So when not fearful, when free of all earthly attachment, when the spirit is permitted to soar, time comes into flow with the past and the future and in its non-linear context, stops. There is no longer a sense of its passage, it is living in the moment where there is simply the flow of life.

There is an incredible current with which the fisherman live in Dinard, France. Emerald water rises and falls in extreme tidal range. Ferocious currents, warnings to bathers, forty foot high piers, rocky coast, tempests, mansions, pampered beach goers, Chateaubriand and his romantic peace, the extremes of current, the extreme metaphor, life is inseparable from the metaphor. In this place of extremes, the passion of life lives in its metaphor, intensified.

Unbearable lightness? no: unrestricted flight, freedom from attachments. Of course the flight could seem unbearable if the world were constantly dragged along behind, the connection must be spiritual. Love levity and spiritual connectedness. A chain is always a chain. Those who chain are themselves chained. The levity of unchained is frightening, at first. The process of hooking, chaining, bonding, attaching, weighing down and complicating is a bad habit. In the context of today, today's world, freedom is virtually inconceivable.





"and in my mind as i was floating

far above the clouds

some children laughed i'd fall for certain

for thinking that i'd last forever

-Billy Corgan


format modified March 7, 1999