New Storm

Old Storm

The storm raged all about me, but was invisible. I could feel the effects, but could not see the source. It is real, but how to stop it?

I thrashed madly at breaks in the clouds to try to see into the storm, to try to stop it. With every attempt, I had but another hint into its nature, but only the synthesis of a great many hints will ever lead me to the resolution.

It was necessary to feel that which I could not see, to come to know that which I do not know; to try and break into the source and to fail and to start again. To be slammed against the rocks by a wave, to be hurled through the air by the wind, and to pick myself up and try again.

Is it possible to lead a normal life during such a storm? I think not, but now the storm is subsiding. Cause and effect, I must have come across the key to moderation -- to abate its beating, its pounding, the control of its wrath. I will never be able to shut it off, the storm lives -- an independent being, but now I am, more than ever before, utilizing its energy in a constructive way.



Created: 22 April 1984

Format modified: March 7, 1999